Thursday, November 1, 2012

Banking stock are leading the market today!

The banking stock are leading the markets higher this morning . As you can see on the chart $JPM is a monster today. Resistance point on jpm for later today will be 42.79$ that will the gap window and then it will be gap fill @ 43.00$ . 

The $SPY will having support at the 142.10$ Level! Than it will be gap fill at 141.35$ .
All right back to trading 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Google, mcd, msft missing earnings a new black Monday will come ?

Good morning traders welcome to our premarket news and views, $goog made a big drop intraday  when earnings released to soon J . Some scalping levels on $goog if the stock will drop again 666$ and 640.80$. $Mcd scalp levels for today are 89.22$ and 88.17$ . Scalp levels for $jpm today on the long side : 42.57$ and 42.38$.
See you all on Monday and have a great weekend . 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pre-market views apple under presure 18-10-2012

Good Morning traders
Let’s go over some plays for today, the $spy did have 3 straight up days so I am expecting a pause day or a slightly negative day! The dollar is trading in the pre-market slightly higher so if the dollar can get a bit we can see some nice downside in the market! The resistance points on the $spy for today are: 146.52$ and 146.75$ support on the spy will be at 145.64$ and 145.19$.  In the pre-market apple is trading lower some support area’s for this morning : 631.83$ and 623.84$ and gap fill at 621.70$  .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning news and views 17-10-2012

Good morning Traders,

Everybody ready for whipsaw Wednesday ? Let’s start with the futures here they are trading flat on the morning session! Stocks that I keep on my watch list today will be:
Intc and Ibm both have earnings so we can see some wild moves there .
Spy : looking to open flat or slightly higher  
resistance points for spy are :
gap fill at  146.14$
consolidation area at : 146.74$

Support are's:

727.90 gapp fill


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Morning News and views

The futures are trading on the flat line this morning! All eyes are on Greece again so we can some slow action today! I will keep an eye on the $uup index still the leading indicator where the markets will go later today!
$SPY resistance will be at 146.14$,146.74$ and 147.14$, support: 145.08,144.75$,144.40$,143.88$
$XOm resistance points 93.00$ support will be at : 92.04$ with the 200 ma,91.68$ and 91.23$
$AAPl resistance: 652.58$,659.84$ support

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tech is leading the stock market today!

Tech is the main leader today,

Hello guys, here a intraday up day on the stock market! Today we saw some weakness in $goog and $aapl! These 2 stocks are pushing down the markets today, oil stocks are a mix bag and financial are holding the flat line! All right on apple I give out some levels this morning in my blog $ 642 we got a 4 dollar bounce off it so guys keep an eye on the levels I give out here ! Support on $apple will be the 634.70$,633.19$,630.70$. Cvx support levels will be 118.20$ 117.39 resistance 121.40$

Pre market news and views

Pre market views

Good morning traders, Today the futures are trading slightly lower on the $spy, the main reason for this selloff is just the dollar . For today I am expecting a low volume day markets I look for the low in the market between 10.30 and 11.30H. I will keep a close eye on $AAPl the most important stock we saw a nice reversal on apple on Friday ! my big support levels on apple will be 645$,642$ and 639$ .